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SINUMERIK parameter programming

1. Counting parameter R
(1) . Function

In order to use a NC program not only for just once machining applying a specified value or must work out a value, counting parameter can be used. you can compute or set the value you need by controller when program is running; parameter value can be set through panel. If parameters are assigned, they can assign address specified by variable.

(2) . Programming




(3) . Illustration

Aggregately 250 counting parameters can be used

R0...R99 – use freely

R100...R249 -pass parameter of machining cycle

If machining cycle is not used, these counting parameters of this part can be used freely.

(4) . Assignment
Example 1 :

R0=3.5678 R1=-37.3 R2=2 R3=-7 R4=-45678.1234

You can assign a bigger range using exponential notation :


Exponential quantity is after EX ; maximum symbolic number : 10 ( including symbol and decimal ) .

EX value range :- 300 to + 300

Example 2 :

R0=-0.1EX-5 ; meaning:R0=-0.000 0001

R1=1.874EX8 ;meaning:R1=187 400 000

Notation : There can be more than one assignment statement in a program segment; Also you can assign by computation expression.

(5) . Assignment for other address

Commonality of NC program can be increased by other NC address assignment computing or parameter expression. You can assign any NC address with numerical value, arithmetic expression or R parameter except address N, G and L.

When assigning writes in symbol " = " after address character.

Assignment statement can assign - negative sign.

When assigning coordinate axis address ( running command ) , there must be an undependent program segment .

Example :

N10 G0 X=R2 ;assign X axis

(6) . Parametric computing

Follow digital operation rule when counting parameter. Operation in former bracket is precedence. In addition, multiplication and division take precedence of addition and subtraction.

2. Marker―― program jumping aim
(1) . Function

1 )、marker is used mark object program segment jumping to, and the jumping function can make program run branch.

2 )、Marker can be selected freely, but it must be composed with one letter or number and the first two symbol must be letter or underline.

3 )、Colon must be after marker of object program segment jumping to. The marker is in the front of program segment. If program has paragraph number, marker follows paragraph number to heel.

4 )、Marker can not have other meaning in a program segment.

(2) . Program example

N10 MARKE1:G1 X20 ;MARKE1 is marker, object program segment jumping to ...

TR789:G0 X10 Z20 ;TR789 is marker, object program segment jumping to has no paragraph number

3. Absolute jumping
(1) . Function

When NC program is running, program segment is executed according to sequence of writing in.

When program is running, change executing sequence by inserting skip instruction .

Jumping aim only can be program segment with marker. The program segment must lie in this program.

Absolute skip instruction must occupy an undependent program segment.

(2) . Programming

GOTOF Lable ;Forwards jumping

GOTOB Lable ;Backwards jumping

AWL illustration

GOTOF Forwards jumping

GOTOB Backwards jumping

Lable Selected marker

4. Conditional jumping
(1) . Function

Conditional jumping can be denoted with IF- conditional statement. If jumping condition is satisfied, jump.

Jumping aim must be program segment with marker. The program segment must lie in this program.

Conditional jumping instruction must occupy an undependent program segment.

There are several Conditional jumping instructions in one program segment.

(2) . Programming

IF condition GOTOF Lable ; Forwards jumping

IF condition GOTOB Lable ; Backwards jumping

AWL Illustration
GOTOF Forwards jumping
GOTOB Backwards jumping
Lable Selected marker
IF Conditional lay in symbol for jumping
Condition Counting parameter as condition, computation expression
(3). Comparison operation
Operator Meaning
= = Equal to
<> Unequal
Greater than
Smaller than
> = Greater than or equal to
< = Smaller than or equal to

These comparison operations denote jumping condition. Computation expression can be used for comparison operation.

There are two outcomes of comparison operation: one is "satisfaction", the other is "dissatisfaction". When it is "dissatisfaction", the end value of operation is 0.

(4) . comparison operation programming example

R1>1 ;R1 greater than 1

1<R1 ;1 smaller than R1

R1 < R2+R3 ; R1 smaller than R2 adding R3

R6 > =SIN(R7*R7) ; R6 greater than or equal to SIN(R7)2

5. Program jumping example

L1( semisphere ):

L2( ellipse ):

Effect drawing :

Code :


R10=-15 R11=-9.06


R10=15 R11=-9.06




Code of subprogram L1 :

G0 X=R10+12.5-4 Y=R11

G1 Z-6 F100

G3 I=4-12.5

G1 X=R10+8 Y=R11

G41 D1 X=R10+4 Y=R11

G2 I-4

G0 Z5






G0 X=R3 Y=R11

G1 Z=R4 F300

G2 I=R10-R3

G0 Z1



G0 Z10


Code of subprogram L2 :




G0 X=R1+R10 Y=R11

G1 Z-5 F100




G1 X=R4 Y=R5 F100



G0 Z5


6. Subprogram
(1) . Application

In principle there is no difference between main program and subprogram

Use subprogram to program often repeated machining, such as a certain figure. One form that subprogram is in main program is machining cycle including generally universal working procedure such as thread cutting. Many concrete machining is realized through specified counting parameter assigning.

(2) . Structure

The structure of subprogram is the same with main program's, and subprogram is stopped by M 2 in the last segment. main program return after subprogram end.

(3) . End of program

You can end subprogram by using RET besides M2.

When use RET to end subprogram or return main program G64 continuous path mode is not interrupted, while using M2 will interrupt G64 and come into halt state.

(4) . Subprogram name

To select a subprogram expediently, you must give a name to the subprogram. Program name can be choosed freely but accord with:

- Initial two symbols must be letters

- Other symbols are letters, number or underline

- At best 8 symbols

- No separator

The means is the same with program name choosing in main program.

(5) . Subprogram call

You can use program name to call subprogram in one program(main program or sunprogram). subprogram calling must occupy an undependent program segment.

Example :

N 10 L 785 P3 ; call subprogram L785

N20 WELLE7 ; call subprogram WELLE7

(6) . Repeated call of program

If you want to continuously run a subprogram time and time, you must write calling times in address P after program name of called subprogram, and the maximum times is 9999(P1...P9999) .

Example :

N 10 L 785 P3 ; call L785 ,run 3 times

(7) . Depth of nesting

Subprogram can be called not only in main program but also in other programs, and the procedure is called subprogram nesting. Subprogram nesting depth can be three level, that is to say four grades program interface(including main program interface).

Notation: when you use machining cycle to process, please take the attention that machining cycle also belongs to four grades program interface.

(8) . Illustration

Take attention to parameter R too, and please do not change counting parameter of lower lever program interface by using the used counting parameter in higher lever program interface .