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Swansoft Industrial Robot Simulation (SSIRS) is a 3D simulation of serial six-axis industrial robots developed by Nanjing Swansoft Technology Company. The SSIRS package comes with several popular industrial robot models (ABB IRB 120, ABB IRB 140, ABB IRB 1410, ABB IRB 1600) as well as with several end-effector tools. The virtual robot have the abilities of rolling, pitching and deflection. The user can jog the virtual robot in either its joint space or the Cartesian space (with respect to the tool frame, the base frame, or the world frame). The user can be familiar with operation of the robot within a short time by using the simulator.

SSIRS Main functions

1. Supports serial six-axis robot model.

2. Several end-effector tools are involved.

3. It's a 3D real-time virtual interactive simulator with resetting, rotating, scaling and panning robot model functions.

4. Robot model can be transparent display by adjusting the transparent percentage.

5. Within the joint space, the robot can be jog with linear manual, planar manual, manual rotation.

6. Setting axis angle and reset the axis angle function.

7. Support Denavit-Hartenberg and the Modified Denavit-Hartenberg conventions.

8. Support Cartesian space and Jog space.

9. In Cartesian Jog, the robot can be move alone with X,Y or Z axis, and rotate with X, Y or Z axis.

10. All messages include warning , prompting are shown in the message dialog.


Main interface

Move jog linear

Move joint with planar manual

Jog rotate

Show matrix

Tool frame, base frame and world frame.

Transparent display

IRC5 Dual-Cabinet