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Swansoft Paperless Exam System (SSPES, for short) is developed by Nanjing Swansoft Technology Company. It must runs in local area network. The software can be used for quiz or final test. It generates test paper randomly, grades paper automatically, analyses the scores and exports them. The functions reduce teacher's heavy burdens and save the resources. At the same time, the software can work with other special simulators such as SSCNC developed by Nanjing Swansoft Technology Company to accomplish special test.

It is suit for quiz or test in any specialty through computer. Teacher can organize a paper on PC, and dispatch them to examinees by one button click. All the process is controlled by the teacher during the exam.

SSPES Main functions

1. It must runs in local area network.

2. It organizes a paper at random and can customize question.

3. Even the same paper is dispatched, the examinees can receive the different paper of different order questions

4. Automatic grading and artificial judging are all supported by the system.

5. In questions management, any question can be added.

6. The grade scatter diagrams show the quality of test paper.

7. It has power-off protection. The examiner can terminate a quiz or test.

8. It can dispatch the paper to a specify examinee.

9. It supports six question types as single choice, multiple choices, judgment, blank filling, identification and essay.

10. The scores can be exported to excel report.

11. It can export and import question library and papers.

12. It can send back answer along with the paper to examinees.

13. It supports Chinese and English now.


1.Questions library management

2.Test paper management

3.Ready to dispatch paper

4.Waiting for examination


6.Power-off protection

7.Automatic grading

8.Test paper analysis

9.Sending back paper

10.Exporting scores