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CNC Interpolation


SSCNC Interpolation simulation software is developed by Nanjing Swansoft Technology Company. The software is a CNC interpolation calculator for the numerical control specialty. It is suitable for students self-study, for it has graphical user interface and real time interoperation that show all kinds of interpolation principle and CNC machine coding principle. It is also suitable for vocational and technical school or colledge to teach CNC machine theory.

Product Features

1.Support multiple language.

2.Support multiple interpolation principles.

3.Trace outline display.

4.Stepping display.

5.Continuous interpolation function.

6.Pause, continuous display function.

7.Reset screen function.

8.View windows zoom in/out function.

9.View windows reset function.

10.Show/hide grid function.

11.Enable/disable precision function.

Interpolation Use

1.Point-By-Point Comparison .

2.Digital Integration (DDA)

3.Function Comparison .

4.Codec Analysis .