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Nanjing Swan Software Technology Company specialized itself in visualized software, mainly provides following services: CAD/CAM NC simulation. Oriented to factory's product research and innovation, our company supply customers with services which are highly in accordance to their individual demands such as design of product, technique consultation, quadratic research(second development service). We also develope CAD&CAM software, NC system, and the machine tool operation panel simulation.Nanjing Swan Software Technology Company developed series of NC simulation software by using advanced virtual reality technology under the support of academies and institutions, and it has advantages of simulation software developing. we have experiences of carrying on crossbar direction software developing for province level. Currently our product includes SSCCNC, SSMAC, SSPLC SSASM, SSCNC Builder, Parameter CNC, CNC Interpolation, SSMCM, SSPES, and SSIRS.

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TEL : (86) 25-51862150

FAX : (86) 25-51860015

Mobile : (86) 13951679601

Address:399 Zhongyang Road, Tianzheng Guoji Building Suite 5 Room 402,Nanjing,Jiangsu

Zip Code:210037 CHINA


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