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Swansoft machine commissioning & measurement simulator is developed by nanjing swansoft technology company. The software simulates the process of measuring and commissioning the geometric accuracy of machine tools. It's base on the latest 3D virtual simulation technology, and consists normal machine tool and numerical control machine tool. The software is suitable for students to self-study, for there are scores of measuring and various commissioning process cases. It also meets the teaching requirements and is suitable for vocational and technical school or colledge to teach machine tool measurement and commissioning.

Product Features

1.Dynamically rotate, zoom, pan and reset view windows and show or hide operation steps bar.

2.Reset current measuring and commissioning case.

3.Step by step playing..

4.Set animation speed.

5.Set view changing speed.

6.Support text comment and notification.

7.Support highlight model comment and notification.

8.Can be set to automatically changing the viewing point.

9.Include scores of measuring and commissioning machine tool cases.

10.There are normal messages, warning messages tip and messages management function.


1.Measuring operation functioning in process.

2.Set measurement parameter

3.Press dial indicator.

4.Main spindle rotates and shows the notification.

5.Highlight part and measuring tool model.

6.Show part and measuring tool text notification.