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SSMAC Introduction

Swansoft Machine Simulator(SSMAC for short)is developed by Nanjing Swansoft Technology Company. It is a simulation enviroment of CNC machine. It provides the construct of CNC machine and electric component can be layout freely in virtual board. It support most of well-known CNC system, such as (FANUC), Simens (SINUMERIK) lathe and milling and milling center etc. Network version is suitable for vocational and technical school or colledge to teach PLC programming. SSMAC is easy to use for students and teacher. Teacher can set model fault and train students to find them out . otherwise teacher can get students' operation information through SSMAC Server.


1.System to Siemens system for development model, combine the three dimensional simulation technology, information technology and system technology and its application field of professional technology, detailed of CNC milling machine show institutions, principle, operation methods and fault detection.

2.System with 2 d and 3 d combination way, vivid, detailed display of CNC milling machine parts of the structure and working principle, electrical principle, the numerical control system operation and numerical control machine fault detection and excluded, namely improve the interest of learning and teaching efficiency, and can save to buy a large expensive cost of physical model.

3.System large amounts of data through the experiment test get results, and theoretical analysis, to ensure the accuracy of the system and authenticity.

4.System of vivid shows the connection of the numerical control system process, through the simulation connection can master the real connection process.

5.System shows the true of nc machine operation panel, in real operation by simulation numerical control system before the operation panel, can save a lot of time and real training cost, improve training efficiency.

6.System USES OpenGL graphics programming techniques to ensure that the system is advanced and runtime good performance.


1.Machine Structure

The system introduced Siemens milling machine mechanical structure, working principle, the movement process, including the general structure, machine tool servo system, main shaft transmission system, machine tool assembly. System used a 3 d virtual expression of each system components and the position of the relationship between them.


The system to provide the circuit principle is introduced, the system is connected, system parameters which circuit principle, system connection. System parameters of the actual parameters of the simulation setting process and effect.

SSCNC Machine Simulation

Milling Machine
Spindle Structure
Electric Drive
Siemens system TECO Convertor
Fanuc System
Fault setting