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SSMAM Introduction

SSMAM can realize the 5-axis simultaneous machining and multi-directional plane positioning machining simulation of the 5-axis machining center, it can Provide dual-table rotary machine structure and dual-swing head machine structure, as well as hybrid single-swing head and single-table machine structure models, and provide important machine parameters of each machine model structure. It can realize the simulation of various four-axis and five-axis machining centers such as A-axis, AC-axis and BC-axis.

SSMAM provides a 3D display of the tool path, Display of the current coordinate system, display of tool number,function of tool path debugging, function of tool compensation, setting of system parameters such as coordinate system setting, and it has RTCP function.


1.Blank definition, fixture calibration, workpiece clamping, workpiece zero setting, tool installation,after the tool collides, you can see the broken tool, manual operation on different panels of the same machine system, etc.

2. Simulation of machining process: including editing, automatic operation, and manual data input(MDI) mode of NC machining programs,real-time cutting of 3D workpieces,display of tool path,provision of tool compensation, coordinate system settings, etc.

3.Machine structure type:providing 4-axis with A-axis rotation structure, 5-axis AC dual-table rotary cradle structure, 5-axis BC dual-table rotary structure, 5-axis BC single-swing head single-table structure, 5-axis BC double-swing head structure.

4.Processing characteristics: with multi-axis simultaneous machining and multi-directional plane positioning machining , curved surface machining, inclined surface machining functions, can also realize one-time clamping, multiple surface machining, several times clamping and turning surface machining.

5.Set workpiece zero point tools: such as edge-finder, reference mandrel, Z axis gauge, electronic probe, etc .

6.Program editing: NC programs generated by various CAM software can be imported through DNC, or NC programs can be manually edited through the panel.

7.Program function:1) SIEMENS supports ISO, variable programming, inclined surface machining,tool compensation, drilling cycle, face milling pin cycle, cavity machining cycle.2) MITSUBISHI Supports ISO programming, support canned cycle programming.3)FANUC supports ISO programming, macro instruction programming, canned cycle programming.4)HEIDENHAIN supports ISO programming as well as conversational programming and canned cycles.

8.Blank type: hexahedron, cylinder, support CAD model import of any shape.

9.Fixture types: flat pliers, craft plate, pressure plate, three-jaw chuck, special fixture, etc.

10.Tool library: its type contains drill, flat , ball, bull, chamfer mill, etc. Users can customize the size of the cutter.

11.Measurement: providing a variety of general measurement tools,can measure the processed 3D model, can measure the typical geometrical dimensions of various inclined surfaces of the workpiece. The measurement accuracy reaches 0.001mm.

12.Multi-axis model conversion: 5-axis machine can be imported into 4-axis machine parts.

13.International version: Support multi-language.

14.Extended functions: support interpolation process simulation, dual screen display, touch screen gesture operation.


1.Machine Structure

The system introduces mechanical structures, working principle, the movement process, including the general structure, machine tool servo system, main shaft transmission system, and machine tool assembly of Siemens milling machine. System used 3D virtual graphic method to show each of each system components and the position relationship between them.


The circuit running principle, how system is connected, system parameters etc. is introduced. System parameters simulates the the setting process of actual parameters and also their effects.

SSMAM Simulation

Main interface
Calibration fixture
Tool breaking effect
Electronic probe detection
4-axis cam machining
5-axis base machining
5-axis base measure
5-axis RTCP Chamfer machining:1
5-axis RTCP Chamfer machining:2
5-axis blade measure
5-axis impeller machining