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SSASM Introduction

Swan assembly the simulation software (SSASM) is an 3D simulation software developed by Nanjing Swansoft software Technologies Ltd. It is design for the disassembly/assembly simulation for mould (mechanical structure) developed based on the latest 3D virtual technology. The software support automatic assembly/ disassembly, 3D-interactive manual assembly/disassembly for both parts and components, and the removal process with chosen tools, including information recording and reporting function during the whole process. This software provides strong sense of reality with simple operation, and is easy to use for self-study.

This software provides 29 moulds in actual uses of production, also other functions such as theory teaching, practical trainning and exam evaluation. By using the software, students can learn about the structures of moulds, complete the assembly/disassembly according to prompt provided, and master the working principle of each mould. By using this software, students can understand the mould structure more intuitively. This software also provides manufacturing process information for some special gear parts. This can make students furtherly understand the assembling drawings and acquiring more extended knowledge, also this help simplify the teaching process. Combining with real mould will provide better teaching efficiency. The network version of this software is more suitable for online schools and training institutions, teacher can examine and supervise students online over SSPLC server and communicating with students in real time.

Theory Teaching

1)Overviewing the mould, a brief description of basic characteristics of the mould and using conditions.

2)Product introduction, provides specifications for each actual mould product.

3)General assembly drawing. Just like students usually need to be familiar with assembly drawing of mould before undergoing actual assembling or removing training, virtual disassembly has this process as well.

4)Typical structure and assembly, each mould has its own typical structure, the typical structure understanding is the core and key for mould learning.

5)Function of important parts and gear in the mould such as forming parts, guiding parts, mould parts is introduced.

6)Introduction of the processing method for important parts and gear, especially for the Punch and Dies.

7)Assemblying process and the principle of the mould assembly is introduced

Virtual Training

1)The virtual training platform based on 3D technology development provides 3D real-time operating functions such as: local amplification, real-time zooming, moving and rotationing, center, transparent (and resumed), etc. The operation is simple and real-time responsible. Animation broadcast control function is provided in automatic assembly/disassembly, including: play, pause, stop and interchanging between each parts.

2)Tool library and parts library. Tool library including wrench, hex wrench, copper hammer and more; Parts library including both components library and connecting parts library.

3)It supports four modes: manual assembly/disassembly, automatic assembly/disassembly (animation). Students can watch the automatic disassembly animation first and then hands on manual disassembly, easy for self-study.

4)Automaticlly showing the name of parts and components while the cursor is on it.

5)Parts previewing function is supported.

6)Can show the structure topology relationship between the parts.

7)The speed of the animation process for assembling/disassembling can be controlled, the animation can be configured.

8)Assembly/disassembly process is recorded during the whole process, the error information will be shown independently.

9)During assembling/disassembling, parts and component can have their number shown.

1.Users management

Teachers register their username and password through SSASM server, student may login into the network version of SSASM in any PC using local area network, Teacher can centralize the management and monitor students over local area network.

2. Exercises management

Teacher may add and edit exercises in SSASM server. Teacher can transmits the exercises with pictures included to clients (students). Then students write the answers and transmit back to the teacher. SSASM server builds up an easier and more convienient way for teacher and students to communicate with each other.

3. Network Monitor

SSASM server records students' operation information according to their registration information. It can control and inquire students' login and logoff and machining operation information. At the same time , the teacher can also broadcast his screen to students. The Teacher can assist students via Remote View and Control Client PC.

4. Examination subsystem

This system Includes question bank management, test paper management, the test process management as well as the automatical examination marking process.

5. Administer subsystem

This Includes test data management, exam permit management, and test result management.